outdoor digital signage

outdoor digital signages used in scenic spots

outdoor digital signage used in parks and scenic spots

outdoor digital signage

According to official data, the tourism industry enjoys a good momentum of development. On the other hand, the service quality of some parks and scenic spots is still in urgent need of improvement to strengthen tourists' sense of experience and promote better development of tourism. They try to use our outdoor digital signage to provide better service for tourists, our outdoor floor standing digital signage can be used as an outdoor LCD bullet board and outdoor advertiser.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the tourism market, it is imperative to upgrade service experience. This prompted the management departments of major parks and scenic spots in China to increase investment in order to improve the tourist experience by improving supporting service facilities. In the process of upgrading the supporting facilities of parks and scenic spots, the electronic signage, scene explanation board, panoramic guide board and other outdoor high-definition display terminal equipment with the characteristic functions of information communication and service interaction have become the object that many parks and scenic spots compete to introduce.

outdoor digital signage

At present, the outdoor LCD terminal equipment technology has been very mature, and the related equipment has been able to replace the artificial to provide tourists with a variety of humanized services that are conducive to improving the sightseeing experience in a variety of harsh environments.
The project adopts the display terminal size is 55-inch highlight display, brightness 2000 CD / , even under the strong light, the image quality can maintain a clear and sharp. Considering the park is located in the northern coastal areas, large temperature difference between summer and so have adopted the company's patented heat dissipation structure combination and high-quality intelligent temperature control fan combination dual cooling scheme, outdoor environment temperature range lower limit can be as low as to 40 ℃, the maximum up to 55 ℃. At the same time, the company's equipment also has a strong waterproof, dust, corrosion, theft prevention, UV protection, lightning protection, and other protective properties, can effectively ensure that the equipment in a variety of harsh environments, the four seasons can work normally.

Sharemantech has undertaken many parks and scenic spots outdoor digital signage construction projects, many park management units will also fully consider the local cultural customs, scenic features and other factors, and the use of personalized outdoor display customized program, scenic supporting service facilities to upgrade. On the one hand, it can better reflect the theme characteristics of the scenic area; In addition, it can also adopt measures to local conditions and use electronic signage, scene interpretation board, panoramic guide board and other outdoor terminal display equipment to provide tourists with important characteristic scenic spot interpretation, park route, scenic area weather forecast, and even surrounding business information and other characteristic services.

outdoor digital sigange
Meets the peak, if discover the scenic area of the traffic is too dense, management unit can also use distribution in every corner of the scenic outdoor digital signage, guide the visitors were less scenic sightseeing, which can significantly enhance the scenic tourist experience, can guarantee scenic sightseeing order again, also can reduce the workload of park staff, is fully staffed.


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