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The LCD video wall can be used as a separate display, but also can be used as a large LCD splicing screen. According to the different user requirements, realization of variable will be small changed larger function: single segmentation, one single display, arbitrary splicing combination, full screen, LCD splicing, dual LCD splicing, vertical screen splicing display, splicing, image border optional compensation or cover, support for digital signal of roaming, scaling stretching, across the screen, picture in picture, 3 d playback, all kinds of display program up and running, FHD signal real-time processing.


Product features
1. Adopt LCD panel
Industrial LCD panels are all made from the DID panel technology created by Samsung and the in-plane Switching technology from LG. The revolutionary breakthrough of industrial-grade panels lies in the application of ultra-high brightness, ultra-high contrast, ultra-durability and ultra-narrow edges, which solves the technical barrier of the LCD display in public display and digital advertising signs.

2, High brightness
Compared with TV and PC LCD screen, LCD video wall has a higher brightness. The brightness of the LCD TV or PC generally only 250-300 CD / ㎡, and LCD video wall brightness can reach 500-700 CD / ㎡.
3. High Contrast
TV wall with 3000:1-4500:1 contrast, than the traditional PC or TV LCD screen to be more than twice as high, is the general three times.

4, Image processing technology
Low pixel image can be reproduced clearly in FHD LCD video wall; To interlace processing technology, eliminate flicker; De-interlacing algorithm, eliminate "jagged"; Dynamic interpolation compensation, 3D comb filtering, 10-bit digital brightness, and color enhancement, automatic skin color correction, 3D motion compensation, nonlinear scaling, and other international leading technology processing.
5. Better color saturation
Ordinary CRT color saturation is only 50% or so, and LCD video wall can achieve 92% high color saturation, thanks to the professional development for the product color calibration technology, through this technology, besides the still picture color calibration, also can to color calibration, dynamic images so as to ensure precision and stability of the output image.
6. Ultra-wide viewing Angle
PVA (Patterned Vertical Alignment) technology that Vertical adjustment technology " images, using this technique, the visual Angle can reach more than double 178 ° (horizontal and Vertical).

7, Ultra-thin and extremely narrow edge design
By virtue of its unique design and exquisite manufacturing technology, the LCD Mosaic unit has made a qualitative leap in its border structure. The thickness of the left and upper border of the LCD Mosaic unit is 1.15mm. The thickness of the right and bottom border is 0.55mm; Integrated Mosaic border thickness only about 1.7mm! It can bring perfect visual enjoyment for LCD screen users.
8, uniform brightness, image stability flicker
Since every point in the LCD video wall always maintains the color and brightness after receiving the signal, unlike CRT, which needs to constantly refresh pixel points. Therefore, the LCD video wall brightness uniformity, high picture quality, and absolutely no flicker.
9. Optional splicing mode
The number of LCD video wall can be arbitrarily selected (row (M) column (N)), and the size of the screen can also be selected to meet the needs of different use occasions.

10, Beautiful structure
The cabinet thickness of liquid crystal splicing is only 180mm. It adopts the all-metal structure, which is firm and reliable. The installation of LCD video wall is simple and convenient.
11, 50/60hz multiple frequency refresh frequency
The 50/60hz LCD splice technology of LCD splice products can effectively solve the trailing and blurring in the process of rapid image movement, enhance the clarity and contrast of the image, make the picture clearer, the human eye is not easy to watch for long time fatigue.
12, Longer service life
The LCD video wall with LED backlight can reach a service life of more than 60,000 hours, which ensures the consistency of brightness, contrast, and chromaticity of each LCD used for a long time, and the service life of the LCD video wall is not less than 60,000 hours. Liquid crystal splicing technology does not require any regular replacement of consumable equipment, so maintenance, maintenance costs are very low.

 LCD Video Wall Structure and Applications

System structure:
1. LCD video wall
2. Graphics splicing processor
3. Splicing the video matrix
4. Large-screen communication repeater
5, large screen power supply assembler
6. Splicing system software package
7, splicing system operation host
8. Special brackets for splicing screen
9. Splicing special cables


lCD Video Wall Applications:
1,Information display terminal of the airport, port, wharf, subway, highway and other transportation industry
2,Financial and securities information display terminals
3, Commercial field, media advertising, product display terminal
4,Educational training/multimedia video conference system
5, Radio, television and large broadcasting/performance venues
6, Military, government, and urban emergency command systems
7, Mining and energy security monitoring system
8, Fire control, meteorology, maritime affairs, flood control, and transportation hub command system

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